Team Adam
Gender Male
Hometown Los Angeles, CA
Seasons 1, 2, [3], [4], [5]
Wins 2
Latest Placing 1st (Tessanne Chin)

Adam Levine is one of the coaches on The Voice. He has been present on every season to date.

Season 1 RosterEdit

Season 1 Battle RoundsEdit

  • Casey Weston defeated Tim Mahoney
  • Javier Colon defeated Angela Wolff
  • Devon Barley defeated Rebecca Loebe
  • Jeff Jenkins defeated Casey Desmond

Season 1 QuarterfinalsEdit


  • Javier Colon (Top Vote)
  • Casey Weston (Adam's save)


  • Devon Barley
  • Jeff Jenkins

Season 1 SemifinalsEdit


  • Javier Colon


  • Casey Weston

Season 1 FinalsEdit

  • Javier Colon (WINNER)

Season 2 RosterEdit

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