Age 15
Gender Female
Hometown Long Island, NY
Seasons 3
Chair Turns 2
Coach Christina, Blake
Position Knockout Rounds

MarissaAnn was a contestant on the The Voice 3. She was part of Team Christina, and was later stolen onto Team Blake. She was eliminated in the Knockout Rounds.

Blind AuditionEdit

For MarissaAnn's Blind Audition, she sang "Part of Me". Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera both turned around. MarissaAnn chose to be on Team Christina.

Battle RoundsEdit

In the Battle Rounds, MarissaAnn was paired against Devyn DeLoera. They sang "Free Your Mind". Christina chose Devyn as the winner. Blake Shelton stole MarissaAnn, placing her on Team Blake.

Knockout RoundsEdit

In the Knockout Rounds, MarissaAnn was paired against Julio Cesar Castillo. She sang "Lady Marmalade". Blake chose Julio as the winner, eliminating MarissaAnn from the competition.

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