Super talented 17 year old, Jasmine Rose singing

"Mercy" on Season 3, The Voice Blind Auditions in

Burbank, CA.

Jasmine Rose
Gender Female
Seasons 3
Chair Turns 0
Position None

Blind AuditionEdit

17 year old Jasmine Rose, originally from Washington, DC graced the stage of "The Voice" to perform at the Blind Audition. After spending 3 months in Burbank, CA preparing along with hundreds of other talented young artist; Jasmine Rose took to the Blind Auditions stage where she sang a soulful yet with a pop twist to "Mercy". Once she stopped singing, to everyone's surprise none of the coaches turned around. Once they did the coaches were very surprised to see a small framed young 17 year old teenage girl standing in front of them. Each coach voiced that they could not believe the strong deep raspy voice that sounds like a 30 year old woman singing actually came from this young 17 year old girl.As Jasmine Rose was walking off the stage after being eliminated, Coach Adam Levine said to Jasmine Rose "never give up on your dream."

Since her wonderful experience on Season 3 The Voice and now at the young age of 21, Jasmine Rose who now goes by the stage name of Baby Rose is working hard writing songs, producing and performing all around Atlanta, GA.

She has just released new songs on soundcloud at Go check out her hot new music at

In 2016, she will be kicking off her first mini college tour simply titled, "Baby Rose Up Close and Personal"

For Bookings call 470-343-1778 today!!!

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